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This is a collection of the efforts of the now official Cat Ghost Discord server. Since the server's conception, hundreds of people have brought forth immense amounts of knowledge. Here, the active members of the server collect what they have learned.

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What is Cat Ghost?

Cat Ghost is an animated webseries hosted on the YouTube account of the same name. It has now concluded, with 13 full episodes having been released, as well as 12 minigames. We already know a lot about the world of Cat Ghost, but there are still many secrets waiting for you to figure them out!


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Other Media


All Cat Ghost resources shall be collected here, for swift navigation.


Name Related Wiki Page Link
The Cat Ghost Channel Cat Ghost Youtube Channel YouTube
The Cat Ghost Website Cat Ghost Website
The Cat Ghost Patreon Cat Ghost Patreon

YouTube Playlists

CatGhost - Intro Saga Related Wiki Page Link
Full Playlist Category: Intro Saga YouTube
CatGhost 1 Birthday CatGhost 1 Birthday YouTube
CatGhost 2 Knock CatGhost 2 Knock YouTube
CatGhost 3 Window CatGhost 3 Window YouTube
CatGhost - Creature Saga Related Wiki Page Link
Full Playlist Category: Creature Saga YouTube
CatGhost 4 Circle CatGhost 4 Circle YouTube
CatGhost 5 Banana CatGhost 5 Banana YouTube
CatGhost 6 Hole CatGhost 6 Hole YouTube
CatGhost 7 Key CatGhost 7 Key YouTube
Void Related Wiki Page Link
Full Playlist Category: Void YouTube
Void 01 Void 01 YouTube
Void 02 Void 02 YouTube
CatGhost 8 Judgement CatGhost 8 Judgement YouTube
CatGhost Warmth CatGhost Warmth YouTube
CatGhost - Portal Saga Related Wiki Page Link
Full Playlist Category: Portal Saga YouTube
CatGhost 9 Welcome Home CatGhost 9 Welcome Home YouTube
CatGhost 10 Reunion CatGhost 10 Reunion YouTube
CatGhost 11 Confrontation CatGhost 11 Confrontation YouTube
CatGhost 12 Resistance CatGhost 12 Resistance YouTube
CatGhost 13 Acceptance CatGhost 13 Acceptance YouTube

Other Cat Ghost Videos

Name Related Wiki Page Link
Speedpaint Gone TERRIBLY WRONG! Tony Crynight Speedpainting Video YouTube
MBS-823905 XAF37 (3370 kHz) - RTTY MBS-823905 XAF37 (3370 kHz) - RTTY YouTube


Game Related Wiki Page Download Link
Happybirthday Happybirthday PC Mac
Joke Joke PC Mac
Window Window PC Mac
Unholy Circle Unholy Circle PC Mac
Banana Banana PC Mac
Dark Cavern Dark Cavern PC Mac
Key Key (game) PC Mac
Midnight Midnight PC Mac
Leak Leak currently unavailbalbe on this Wiki.
Pertinence Pertinence currently unavailbalbe on this Wiki.
Dance Party Dance Party PC Mac
Exit Exit PC Mac

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